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Roof Pro Brisbane
Roof Pro Brisbane

Re Roofing Process

Stage 1A

Confirm all paperwork is correct including all colours and profiles as selected. Colour samples can be provided by Roof Pro if Required.

Stage 1

Roof Pro will contact the client to inform them of material delivery, installation of edge protection and start date. (Weather Permitting)

Stage 2

Roof Pro contractors will contact the client 1 day prior to confirm start date. Contractors will require power, thereby they will need to have access to power for use while on site. The client will inform the contractor which power point they are able to use.

Stage 3

Removal of Old Roof

(a) Tin - Unscrew and/or de-nail old tin roof. Remove tin from roof, stack neatly in readiness for disposal.

(b) Tile - Remove old tiles from roof and replace into supplied waste materials bin. New battens installed in preparation for new roof.

(c) Decromastic - Remove old Decromastic roof. Stack neatly in readiness for disposal. New battens installed in preparation for new roof.

(d) Asbestos - Our licensed asbestos removal contractors will remove asbestos from the roof then stack and wrap in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety. The same contractors will vacuum clean roof space removing any remnants of asbestos. Licensed operators remove asbestos from site.

Stage 4


Roof Pro is owned and operated by Licensed builders and are therefore able to check the structural integrity of the old existing roof. We will recommend or undertake any works if required to existing rafters, trusses and beams. We then fasten existing battens and or replace any damaged ones.

Stage 5

Install roof insulation over battens in preparation for roof sheeting. (Roof insulation is an optional extra if required by client)

Stage 6

Install roof sheeting including all associated components. i.e. Ridge Caps, Flashings, Valleys, Screws etc

Stage 7

Clean roof and gutters free of any debris.

Stage 8

Clean site free of any debris and stack any leftover material ready for pick up.

Stage 9

Roof Pro contractors will then organise to have roof inspected with the client to ensure client is satisfied with work completed.

Stage 10

Inspection from Roof Pro supervisor if required.